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About Us

Xuzhou Jiadi Auto Electric Co., Ltd Is a member of the Chinese association of motor vehicle electric and electronic, is a new energy motor electronic control association is one of the leading group members, is the member of China association of electric welding machine. Rapid energy-saving jia di company specializing in the production of various types of motor copper, tin, welding machine and auto alternator rectifier.

Since 2002, jia di company at first, the research and development of the fast car motor energy saving copper, tin, welding machine, in automobile industry promote the use of electric machines and appliances, so far, has been widely used in automobile motor, electric motor, motorcycle motor, electric car motor vehicle industry. Jia di quick energy saving copper, tin welding machine has been declared two national patents, filled the domestic blank in the field of automotive motor copper wire welding. Jia di series energy-saving copper, tin, welding machine, fast in unique vehicle motor industry, has been in the earliest development, the most influential, the most powerful. Currently, jia di welding machine market share, varieties of the most complete, best quality, service best, by all kinds of motor manufacturers in domestic listed as the preferred essential copper, tin welding professional equipment.

Fine di company car rectifier complete varieties, annual production capacity of 800000 sets, the product is divided into two series of domestic models and foreign models, some products with saic wuling, chongqing changan, cummins, geely models etc, at the same time, exports are exported to Canada, the United States, southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

Jia di company always adhere to the \"pursuit of customer satisfaction, the implementation of continuous improvement,\" the quality policy, has formed a set of strict technical development, product manufacturing, quality control, market planning, customer service management system. Jia di company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, 3 c national mandatory safety certification, and won the \"xuzhou energy-saving new products\", \"contracts and keep promise unit\", \"bank credit AA level enterprise\" and other honorary titles.

Jia di company has been more than a decade in order to implement the \"improve customer product quality, reduce product cost and consumption, save labor, improve the economic benefit,\" such as target and spare no efforts, has won widespread recognition and customer trust. Jia di company will be based on the motor industry, take the customer as the center, provides the omni-directional service, create more, better and more leading products. Jia di series \"copper, tin, on-line automatic welding system\", the introduction of further to adapt to all kinds of motor production process, running water production line, to meet the needs of mass production, thus, for the new and old customers to create higher quality, better efficiency, more competitive products. Do a first-class motor, with jia di welding machine.